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Outsourcing is the allocation of services  of your business in a foreign partner.

The economic benefits of outsourcing is indisputably as the cost of your business  is much less than the cost that your business would really require.

Furthermore , outsourcing offers considerable oppurtunities to develop company activities because the companies can focus on their main activities without distractions . Also , it contributes to reduce the cost over the medium term by increasing company's income .

As regards outsourcing , our services are mainly referred to Logistics Companies , factories , warehouses , building sites and terminal railway stations .

You have the capability to assign us tasks such as :

  • Liftings

All kinds of liftings with or without the use of machinery with experienced staff .

  • Packing - Repacking

Special packing , repacking , promotional packing , attaching labels etc. by the Department of Repacking and Promotional Packing  of our company which are carried into effect by experienced staff.

  • Picking

We offer responsible works of picking , providing the orders of customer at a specific time .

  •  Disposal of machinery operators and assistants

We provide a wide range of operators and assistants  for all kinds of machinery .

Our collaborators are the largest  Logistics Companies .

Make your life easy by services of ANOSI !!!!