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For several years , our company has expanded in the world of transportation  in international levels and deal with charterings , ship's agency services , road and railway transport and also customs clearance .

Our philosophy is that nowadays the customer must not waste time on how to find a solution to problems that may arise durin a transport of goods but mostly to deal undistracted with the placement of the product on the market .

That's why we provide all the services  which derived from a transportaion . We can issue the necessary documents  and we can undertake the receipt of goods from the place of loading to the combined transport . Also , we can undertake the customs procedures and the delivery of goods at the best prices ...Door to door .




In co-operation with the largest shipping companies , we unertake the charter of your vessel with all the international shipping requirements . Because of our excellent relations with shippping companies , we have the possibility to keep our promises to our clients for conventional cargo services  throughout the Mediterranean and not only this ....

Also , having this co-operation with the largest shipping companies enable us to accomplish best prices for imports ,handling and management of containers .

Delivery with sure and  accuracy . Travel with us .

We provide the following services :

  • Specialized transport for all cargos
  • Continuous monitoring and update for the stages of transport of cargo
  • Consolidation- split cargos
  • Warehouse for storage of your cargo as long as you need.
  • Ability to customs warehouse
  • Full insurance cover for all the stages of transportaion


The agency of your goods come true with safe way for youw own interest .  Arrival with safety .


We undertake all the customs procedures and the necessary documents  in order to provide to our client a good result .You need to know how to protect the client from all the difficulties.


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 Numbers of trucks are ready to serve you for transportations to and from anywhere in Europe with safety and speed with our supervision and responsibility.

We provide the following services :

  • Complete and group cargos (groupaz) (cinventional and flammable) 
  • Logistics ''in transit''
  • Service delivery at home
  • Special transportation for fairground
  • Full insurance cover at all stages of transport
  • Full cargos of cooling and freezing



Associate office is located on site  at the new Athens ''Eleftherios Venizelos  Airport'' and stuff and licenced custom brokers are on call 24 hours a day - seven days  a week  to accomodate any urgent air freight consignment.

We offer the following services :

  • airport to airport
  • airport to door
  • door to door
  • transportation of dangerous cargo
  • Consolidation - break bulk
  • Charters
  • Import/Export documentation (issue of customs declaration )combination of sea ,air and railway transport
  • Perishable goods
  • Full insurance cover


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In recent years  railway transportaion is developing for many reasons such as economic and environmental.

The transport of goods ,cars and containers by railway is the most economical solution for the companies which take into account the logistics costs in the final price .

This completes the part of our services as regards transportation ,giving the possibility to the customer to complete the transport of his cargo only with a call .

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