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Hauling - Launching

Hauling - Launching of boats, power boats and yachts are offered with sure, safely and suitable equipment (special trailer, UNIMOG and special spreaders) which guaranteed the right way of lifting for no exhaustion of boats during the lifting and transport. The polyester webbing lifting  which we are using , comee from the company Spanelas LTD  and are made from high tenacity polyester fibers  and are manufactured uner EN ISO 1942-1:2000.


Our customers as regards these operations are the most renowned companies in the field of yachting .

  • Tsiropoulos Yachting L.T.D
  • Navigare Yachting L.T.D
  • HDM Yachting L.T.D
  • Cosmos Yachting L.T.D
  • Kallisto Sailing Nepa  etc

Furthermore, a co-operation with a foreign company will be equipped our company, until the end of the year, with a new Travel Lift (lifting capacity 50 tons +) for more modern and specialized services.


Wide range of services are provided if need be , for example jetting with hot water up to 200 bar , hull maintenance , upper hull maintenance ,antifouling and polishing so as to deliver your boat in an excellent statement .

For more high quality services there is a possibillity of using a special high-tech blast .

Close co-operation with the Sun Sea Service company can provide you with engineering support ,specially in VOLVO PENTA.

A new large space, within the limits of the city of Athens, will be used as a parking and repair zone in due time. This space will give us the possibility to supply all the range of services about the boats.

ANOSI SA provides guaranteed service with respect to the demands of its clients as they offer their services 24 hours per day if it is necessary.

              BENETAU_54                 __TRAILER                 



  High strength floor gradles  are available to the client for fast and with the right way placement of the boat for wintering , so you can make the necessary maintenance with safe and sure way . The gradles are offered for rent in various dimensions :

  1.  No 1 has a width of 2.50 m and is indicated for boats until 40.00 feet
  2.  No 2 has a width of 3.00 m and is indicated for boats until 49.00 feet
  3.  No 3 has a width of 3.50 m and is indicated for boats until 54.00 feet or more