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Management and handling of container


Now a new area of  10000 square meters  in a strategic position in Aspropirgos and specifically in the outlet 4, is ready to offer a wide range os services .

We provide high quality services as regards the management and handling of containers , always adjusted to customer requirements.

The special customer service Department  of our company gives you the oppurtunity to monitor and support all the stages of the flow of your goods.

  • Receipt of container in accordance with the client office , port, factory, e.t.c.
  • Transportation of container to the customer premises throughout Greece or for temporary storage-evacuaton in our storage area .
  • Classification and monitoring of container per code .
  • Administration of warehouse through information systems (warehouse management systems ) with wireless RIF (radio frequency), optimizing the use of space , minimizing the physical flow of goods and avoiding human error .
  • Delivery of empty container to their destination on time .

Our new technology machinery are ready to perform the necessary work under tight schedule without any delay  as regards the delivery stage .

Also , our machinery keep all the necessary safety standards in accordance with the law and international standards. Ous staff are experienced because of many years of work and are provided with all the safety equipment (special shoes ,helmets , gloves , special glasses if need be  and special vests with the brand of our company ).

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  •  Evacuations- Fillings

We have the possibillity to evacuate /fill the container of any cargo .The reason is that we have all the necessary technical means with new technology forklifts ,cranes , electric pallet trucks etc with variety of lifting capacity and skilled stuff with years of experience in lifting and unlifting with the most fast and safe way .

  • Cleaning

We undertake the cleaning of your container with chemicals or not  with pressure of 200 bar of hot water  in order to deliver the container completely clean and disinfected .

  • Repairs

Our specialized team undertake the repair /refinishing of any damage which caused during the transport of the container , so the container meets the adequate standards.

Our facilities are protected 24 hours of a new technology standard perimeter alarm system and they are illuminated with spotlights . Also , our facilities are monitored via web camera 24 hours per day . With the co-operation with LYCOS SECURITY company  is completed the safe storage of your goods .

We also have special fire safety and fire hoses which are fed by drilling in a state of emergency if need be.

Moreover , our company enables computerized version of tax documents (dispatch notes ''at the behest and on behalf'' of our customers )to accompany the transfer of goods .

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